Advanced Pharmaceutical Factory

Advanced Pharmaceutical Factory (APF) is an institution based on 25 years of manufacturing excellence and achievement. We are an Injectable Drug Product facility, based in Riyadh City Saudi Arabia. Our facility is GMP qualified for sterile liquid dosage forms for injectable use, with specialized expertise in Terminal Sterilization, Sterile Emulsion, and Aseptic Fill & Finish. Organized under the Injectables Technology Platform. APF is Researches-Driven, committed to be a reliable and consistent supplier of safe, effective, and affordable generic pharmaceuticals



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We aim to develop and successfully manufacture pharmaceutical products to prevent, alleviate and cure diseases

Our vision is to be a leading pharmaceutical company in Saudi Arabia & Middle East and to become a significant regional player by providing high quality, affordable and innovative solutions in our field.

Clean Rooms

CERTIFIED FACILITY UTILIZED AS A PART OF OUR SPECIALIZED INDUSTRIAL PRODUCTION & RESEARCH. Including the manufacture of pharmaceutical items, Clean rooms are designed to maintain extremely low levels of particulate, such as dust, airborne organisms, or vaporized particles. Clean rooms typically have a cleanliness level quantified by the number of particles per cubic meter at a predetermined molecule measure.

Production Capacity

APF Facility mostly towards production processes and plants aimed at the manufacture of sterile liquid drugs. The principal behind our correct and exceptional designs is attributable to our extended knowledge of the production processes of such drugs, due to almost 25 years of experience in international settings and an excellent 100% made in manufacture.

Production Capacity

The application of a suitable and complete analysis of our technologies begins in from a clear definition: it includes a prompt evaluation and a careful monitoring of all the critical parameters that could directly influence the quality of the end-product. This way, we ensure a complete quality control, both within and between our production lines. Each process follows the rigorous requirements dictated by cGMP (current Good Manufacturing Practice), which have now been adopted as one of our work guidelines

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